Welcome 6th Graders!

We are excited to welcome our 6th graders for the 2021-2022 school year into our ministry to students this summer.    Here are a few key dates for you:

  • May 12th - Come & See Night (for parent & soon to be 6th graders)
  • June 11th - Outdoor Movie Night (Gateway, 7-10 PM)
  • June 23rd - First Night of Summer Youth Group (new 6th graders are welcome!)

Also, one important resource:

'Come & See" Night - Wednesday, May 12th, 6:30-8:00 PM (Gateway)

This is a night for our soon to be 6th graders to experience Middle School youth group, get to know some of the youth staff and students, and get a sense of what being in youth group will be like.  Parents are also invited to join us for this night.  While students enjoy youth group, parents will have time with Pastor Mathias learning about this transition into Student Ministry.  Because of the concern with space in keeping with COVID guidelines, we are asking that only one parent attend this night.  Please bring a Bible, personal waterbottle, and  wear a mask.

Some Answers for 6th Graders

Hey 6th graders!  Here's a little introduction into Gateway's Student Ministry from last year.  While its a year old and we were so much more uncertain last year due to COVID, the feelings are still the same and many of the people will be around.  Enjoy!