Serving Students

Gateway's Student Ministry department would like to help you find a way to support students. We utilize a mentoring program where older students help guide younger students. Of course we have a staff of gifted and motivated volunteers who drive most of what happens in youth ministry. And our yearly auction gives everyone at a Gateway a chance to contribute.

Student Mentors

"Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ." 

                                              1 Corinthians 11:1

Within the scriptures, we see that God has designed his community of believers in a way that older people are to serve younger people. God loves us through placing people in our lives who are a little further along with Christ than we are who teach us and encourage in our relationship with Christ. At the same time, as we experience more in following Christ, we are called to teach and invest in others. We seek to see these kind of relationships happening with students all over our ministry to students---on Wednesday Nights, within small groups, and even through one-on-one relationships outside of a youth group program.

Be A Mentor:

High School students and older who know Christ and are eager to invest in the lives of others are encouraged to contact Pastor Mathias to learn more about how to be trained and given the opportunity to mentor others.

Be Mentored:

Students (6th-12th grade) who are interested in being invested in through a one-on-one setting are encouraged to come to Wednesday Nights and meet one of our mentors or contact Pastor Mathias for a special assignment.

Mentoring Topics:

The following is our curriculum for mentoring students written by the youth staff for our one-on-one discussions with students. Click on on a topic and use the curriculum to discover truth together.

NOTE: Some topics are still in development, contact Pastor Mathias if you want more information on a topic that does not have a completed guide.

Youth Staff

One of the most important ways we help students take their NEXT STEP in following Jesus is through the relationships students build with a member of our youth staff. Our highly committed and trained youth staff team does its best to help each student make a connection with Christ as well as other students in our ministry.

We are always looking for adults to be a part of our volunteer youth staff team. You don't have to be a goofy, crazy, upfront kind of person to be great with students. We're just looking for people who are faithful to God, available for students, teachable in ministry and who actually LIKE students. If that's you, there are many ways to serve students through this team of people. To begin the process of finding your place with students, please contact Pastor Mathias.

Youth Staff Forms:

The Benefit Dinner

Gateway Student Ministries' Benefit Dinner raises funds to lower the cost of camps and retreats and provides scholarship so that no one misses special events because of money. This is a fun and relaxed night to be served by students and get a glimpse into the life-changing work happening in Gateway's Student Ministry.

NOTE: Thanks to this year's dinner, we raised over $20,000 to help reduce the cost of camps and make sure that no one misses camp due to money. Thanks for the generosity of the many people who attended and gave!

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