Our Staff

Here's our leadership team. We hope this will help you recognize the staff and learn just a bit about their roles here at Gateway.

  • bob barnes - Lead Pastor

    As Gateway's Lead Pastor, Bob teaches most Sundays and is responsible for the overall vision and leadership of the church, Bob grew up in SoCal, attended Arizona Christian University in Phoenix, and then moved to Portland to attend Western Seminary. He and his wife, Kristi, were married in 1987 and have three twenty-something children; Chris, Nick, and Abbie. Bob loves reading, studying, and discussing the Bible. He also enjoys playing the guitar and mandolin, gardening, running, participating in ministry in Nicaragua, and getting as much sunshine as possible.  bob@gatewayweb.org

  • Pastor Scott

    scott pousche - Worship Arts Pastor

    Scott leads us in worship most weekends and oversees all of the worship arts ministries at Gateway. Scott joined the staff in 2016 right before earning his Master of Divinity degree from Columbia International University. The Pousche's have had three kids since being at Gateway! He enjoys running, exploring the PNW with his kids, and listening to countless hours of music! scott@gatewayweb.org

  • mathias califf - Student Ministries Pastor

    Mathias oversees all of our efforts to spiritually encourage Middle School, High School and College students. He and his wife, Sara, have been at Gateway since 2000. Mathias enjoys fly-fishing, college sports (Go Beavers!) and hanging out with his family. mathias@gatewayweb.org

  • gary rowe - Grow Group Ministries Pastor

    Gary oversees Gateway’s small group ministries that we call Grow Groups, and has been on staff since 2018. He and his wife Robin have been married for more than 20 years and they have two children. He loves spending time with people and talking about life and the Lord.  He also has interests in disc golf, hacky-sack, mountain biking, and wood working.   gary@gatewayweb.org

  • lee campen - Children's Ministries Pastor

    Lee oversees all of our programs for children. He and his wife, Jennifer, have been attending Gateway since 1995 and he has been on staff since 2007. When not telling Bible stories to kids, Lee enjoys tinkering with guitar electronics and home music recording, hanging out with his family, and reading through the Bible with friends. lee@gatewayweb.org

  • ken warren - Connections Pastor

    Ken helps people personally connect with Jesus and with the ministries of Gateway Church. He also leads our Men's Ministry team. Ken received his theological training at Multnomah Bible College and Multnomah Biblical Seminary. He and his wife, Susan, have been serving at Gateway since 1997. Ken enjoys cooking, gardening, and talking with anyone about Jesus. ken@gatewayweb.org

  • aria boneski - Office Administrator & Hospitality

    [Please Note: Aria is currently out on maternity leave] Aria joined the Gateway staff in 2021 as the Hospitality Director after receiving her degree in Biblical and Theological studies. She continues to lead hospitality ministry and now serves as Office Administrator as well.  She and her husband Richard met at Gateway in 2018 shortly after she and her family moved here from Florida. She prefers the mountains over the beach, so it was a wonderful change of scenery! Aria loves reading, cooking, taking walks, and meeting new people. aria@gatewayweb.org

  • valerie alexander - Office Administrator

    Val has been attending Gateway for over 20 years and has served in various capacities over the years. In 2021 she joined the staff as Office Administrator after filling in as a substitute since 2018. Val is skilled in crocheting, making people laugh, and gardening. She and her husband Norman can also be found ballroom or swing dancing.  val@gatewayweb.org

  • danielle carter - Financial Administrator

    Danielle joined the Gateway staff in 2018 as the director of Hospitality and transitioned into the role of Financial Administrator at the beginning of 2021. She and her husband, Phil, and their three boys have called Gateway their church home since 2007. She has a special love for music, apologetics and world religions, and her cats.  Although she is a native to Southwest Washington, she has spent time in all 50 states, 7 Canadian provinces, and 17 countries. She enjoys meeting and connecting with people from all walks of life. danielle@gatewayweb.org

  • ellen collins  - Women's Ministries Director

    Ellen oversees our women's ministries. She is passionate about encouraging women to grow closer to Jesus through praying, worshiping, and spending time studying the Bible. She has been a part of Gateway for 6 years. Ellen and her husband, Noah, have 3 children, who keep them busy and provide many funny moments as they grow and discover the world God put them in. Ellen also loves various creative hobbies like sewing and baking.