Jr Camp payment information

We have worked hard to get the cost of Jr. Camp as low as possible, but we recognize that some families simply wouldn't be able to send their child to camp without additional assistance. Because of this, we are offering financial help for families who are sending multiple students to camp or who need scholarships.

Multiple Child Discount

If you have more than one child attending Gateway camps* this summer, you are eligible for a $25.00 discount for each additional child after paying full price for one child. Just click the button for this option when you complete the online registration.


We don't want kids to miss camp because of money, so we offer scholarships to families who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford it. We ask that you pay as much toward the full price as you are able. This helps keep the cost of camp down for everyone. Junior Camp scholarships are funded by donations made to Gateway's Children's Outreach Fund.

Scholarship applications are available in printed form here or at Gateway's main office.

*Gateway camps include: Junior and Middle School ETM camps, and ETV.